Mmm… Zebra Cake

Mmm... Zebra Cake

Well, it was my sweet friend Ainsley’s last week of work and so I decided to bring in a yummy to say I’M GONNA MISS YOU! (I call Ainsley my Little Ray of Sunshine because that is exactly what she is… always happy, always smiling, nice to EVERYONE!) But since time was a teeny bit scarce this week, when it came time to decide what I was going to make, it had to be awesome – obviously – but it also had to have VERY LITTLE in the way of prep time.

I had the perfect thing! ZEBRA CAKE (Don’t you love the name? Ainsley named it that. SO FUN!)

Attention all non-cookers and non-bakers, pay attention! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I promise.

It is literally THE easiest dessert you could possibly make. TRUST!

ps. How mad at myself was I when I brought my Nikon D90 to Bridgehead to take a picture of a cut piece? VERY!!! Especially since you can’t see the zebra from the outside. GRR!! Luckily I had the iPhone which did a decent job, but not like my D90, that’s f’sho!

RECIPE: Mmm… Zebra Cake


1 pkg. (200 g) Mr. Christie’s Chocolate Wafers
500 mL whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp granulated sugar

  1. Mix the whipped cream, sugar and vanilla in a cold metal bowl until whipping cream holds peaks
  2. Divide the wafers in half
  3. Using the first half, start by making an Oreo cookie with the whip cream and two wafers, and then keep adding onto it
  4. Repeat using the second half of wafers, placing that ‘log’ right beside the first one
  5. Use the remaining whip cream to cover the tops and sides of the two logs
  6. Chill for at least 4 hours – you want the cookies to soften completely
  7. Cut diagonal slices

Garnish with berries, chocolate curls, caramel drizzle, etc…

Mr. Christie chocolate wafers

Making an 'Oreo'

Making an 'Oreo'

Making a REALLY LONG 'Oreo'

2 REALLY LONG 'Oreo' neighbours

Mmm... Zebra Cake

Mmm... Zebra Cake

Mmm... Zebra Cake


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