Citizen Advocacy BBQ

Today I attended a BBQ put on by the people at Citizen Advocacy. My sweetie volunteers his time as an advocate for his friend Willis. Like many people living with disabilities, Willis enjoys getting out and about in the community and every day people – like my sweetie – help them to do that.

Bringing people together.
That’s the real goal of Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa.

Right now in our community, there are people with disabilities who feel alone and isolated. There are people with disabilities whose hopes, dreams, and, sometimes, basic needs are not being taken seriously.

What they’d really like is to feel included. What they’d really like is someone who will talk with them, listen to them, support and encourage them, do things, go places, and help them in any way that a good neighbour or friend naturally would.

There are also ordinary citizens who intentionally want to give their time to make a positive difference to the life of a person with a disability. They voluntarily represent and protect the rights and interests of other people. They help them face challenges and encourage them to participate in the community life of Ottawa.

Citizen Advocacy sets up matches between volunteer advocates and people with disabilities that can have profound effects on both.

The BBQ was such a fun event: great people, yummy food, and lots of fun games. The weather played along really well, too. Apparently last year there was torrential downpour and everyone had to go into the park building. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and had a lot of fun doing it.

If you want to volunteer, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. There is a great need for this kind of community partnership.


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