Why I LOVE my new jobs…

Mmm... Fair Trade Brownies

People sometimes have a hard time understanding why anyone in their right mind would go from an 8:30-4:30 permanent position with vacation and benefits to a part-time job at a coffee shop with spare time spent volunteering. Did I forget to mention that the 8:30-4:30 job had excellent salary, benefits AND vacation pay??

Still doesn’t make sense, right?

Well, for most of you it won’t. And that’s okay. There are days when I don’t understand it either. BUT there are never days when I regret my decision. None. Zero.

That’s right, no regrets.

Before I used to have a very regimented life. Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30… evenings and weekends free. It sounds sweet, but I wasn’t happy. I felt unchallenged and unmotivated. Nowadays, life couldn’t be more different. I often have to wake up at 5am. By 6am you’ll find me either working at Bridgehead or volunteering at the Ottawa Heart Institute. Both places require me to be on my feet constantly, running from here to there getting things for people, some of whom are grumpy and unkind.

AND still, I love my jobs…

Still wondering WHY???

Well, it’s amazing how happy you can be doing just about anything when you’re being personally fulfilled.

At the Ottawa Heart Institute, I get to learn new things every day and help people. It might not be big help in the grand scheme of things, but the simple acts of giving someone a warm blanket and listening to their worries is VERY fulfilling. Every day I get to learn things about people that I’ve just met. I get to be with them when they’re at their most vulnerable. I get to hear their stories about family members and life experiences. And when I’m not talking to patients, I get to learn firsthand from excellent nurses and other health professionals. It is incredibly rewarding!

At Bridgehead, I get to constantly interact with all kinds of people and represent a company of amazing ethical values. Every day at Bridgehead, I learn something new about how they are trying to make a difference from both a corporate and community level. Whether it’s compostable straws and containers or their fair trade organic products, I am proud to work at a place that tries hard to make an environmental impact. They set an excellent standard that is hard not to be inspired by.

If you’re interested in learning about what fair trade means and its importance, visit their website to read more.

ps. THIS is also a big reason I work at Bridgehead…

Mmm… Fair Trade Brownies

Mmm... Fair Trade Brownies

Mmm... Fair Trade Brownies

Mmm... Fair Trade

Mmm… Fair Trade Coffee

Mmm... Fair Trade Ethiopian Harrar

Mmm... Fair Trade Coffee


2 thoughts on “Why I LOVE my new jobs…

    • THANK YOU!!! Soooo nice of you to comment. I tried to find Tyler’s mom this morning, but no one in the Day Unit knew her… must work in another part of the Heart Institute. Will keep trying.

      : )

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