The Girl with the Lizard Tattoo…

Oh, right. I mean dragon.

For me, this book can be filed under “Meh…” Not sure why, but it doesn’t appeal to me. I do however get that it appeals to many and that my ambivalence is probably equivalent to anti-peer-pressure. EVERYONE likes this book.


Everyone LOVES this book. My mom included. She loves loves LOVES it. And love, love, loved the movie. Said it was because they were regular-looking people, and not all Hollywoodized. And for that reason, I should probably be on board, and yet…. Meh!

Here’s the trailer. Oh the humanity! All the reading is hurting my brain.

Anyhoo, I’ll probably give it a go at some point. BUT in the mean time, for all you fan-boys and fan-girls, here is Linsiloo breaking news regarding the Hollywood mega-adaptation of the book. Not the one in the trailer… the one they haven’t filmed yet. Here is “The Girl.”

If you don’t know her, don’t panic. Neither did I, and that – we can all agree – is saying something. She’s relatively unknown, which is probably a good thing as it will avoid Julia Robertizing a beloved book character.

TRUST. It’s a good thing.

So tell me… should I read this book??? C’mon… leave a comment. Don’t be shy!! My peachy readers will not judgey-judge your spelling/grammar… okay, maybe they will. But there’s a spell-check, so fear not.

Be brave, blog readers! BE BRAVE!


8 thoughts on “The Girl with the Lizard Tattoo…

  1. read the book. don’t just not because everyone loves it. you met Janet – she doesn’t love it. I do. I heart that book – and the second one and the third. especially the third. and why? because all the characters (male or female) are strong and interesting… and really developed. AND the author gives you so much friggen information about Swedish history you feel like you really don’t know anything about anything… but that you want to learn about it. so yes Lindsay… read the book. don’t just give it the bird because you think you ought to love it. you might not – but at least you’ll know. those are my two (very opinionated) cents.

    • although you made a VERY convincing case – am actually contemplating contacting the author to let her know that she has a strong ally in you – I’m still not sure.

      have a book on the go at the moment, so we’ll see after I’m done.

      am feeling slightly better than ‘meh’ though…


  2. I just finished that book!! To me it was a Da Vinci Code type book – great plot, once you get into it, but I didn’t really like/relate to the characters much…maybe i’ll try the next two!

    if you want a fun, easy read try The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society. Another really good book I’ve read recently is The Gargoyle – and I just got Eat Pray Love for my b-day…i am a few pages in right now!

    ps. am loving your blog, too!

    • thanks for the suggestions – will check them out, f’sho! hope you love EAT PRAY LOVE as much as I did. the movie was ‘ok’ but the book is definitely WAY BETTER!!


      • So far so good although it is making me crave Italian food like mad!! i love her descriptions of the pizza, pasta, pastries…mmmm!

        another better-than-the-movie-book is Time traveller’s wife – add it to your reading list! 🙂

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