Smart Books & Secret Daughter

Secret Daughter: A Novel

You might remember that a little while back I had a theory that people who read are smarter than people who watch movies? The good news is that I never got any hate mail. The bad news is I never got any hate mail. My readers are shy. It’s okay. I see your numbers and feel your vibes… you love me. AND I love you.

But seriously, I stand by that theory until proven wrong. The theory has a sub-clause, however. And that sub-clause is a place where I live and breathe.

(ps. Am not a business genius and therefore do not even know if such a thing as a sub-clause even exists… You know what I mean, right? A sub-clause to me is like the exception to the rule. Yes, I could’ve just said the exception to the rule, BUT I didn’t. Work with me, people.)

What is the sub-clause? Well, in the case of my reading vs. watching theory, the sub-clause is that I really only think you’re smart if you read smart books. And to me, smart books usually = boring books.

We’re fighting?
I thought we might.

Please let me say once again, that the reason I can say this without any hesitation is that 99% of the time I belong in the not-smart book reading population.

You see, the things I look for in a book can usually be found within the pages of a Cosmo magazine. Shopping, shoes, celebs, cocktails, scandalous affairs, fluffy social issues, addictions, rehab, etc. Generally speaking, the things I do not look for in book are things that can usually be found in a history book, encyclopedia, Times, or National Geographic. Things like wars, politics, legal terms, military shiz, important social issues, history, etc.

In a nutshell, I am a smut-lover and happy to be.

My life is real enough, and while I abhor the idea of actually wearing half the crap that these ladies put their bodies and feet through, I enjoy reading about where their skinny jeans and Manolo Blahniks take them. I don’t find reading books easy. I find it work. It’s WAY easier to watch TV than read, and as such, if I’m to take on a book… I would like it to reward me in a fuzzy-glow with pinkish hue kind of way rather than the harsh light of reality kind of way.


The point of all of this rambling is that I’m quite proud of myself in this moment. The reason for my pride is that I’ve recently finished a smart book – in record time. I actually devoured it. This book did not include smut of any kind, instead it contained substance. It took place outside of Manhattan, conflicts went beyond hair frizziness and hang-overs, and I do not recall the single mention of a name brand of any kind. In short, it was definitely a departure.


by: Shilpi Somaya Gowda

If you want to know what it’s about, I recommend reading the description on Amazon or Chapters. In fact, if you go to Chapters right now it’s one of Heather’s picks. Heather’s the CEO of Chapters (or something like that) and she will refund your purchase if you don’t completely love it. THAT’s how much Heather believes in this book.

I, on the other hand, will not refund your purchase. You will have to just trust me on this one. It’s an awesome AWESOME story… and most definitely… the perfect way for any not-smart book reader to transition into smart books. I almost feel compelled to take on Anna Karenina.

I said almost…

ps. Shilpi Somaya Gowda is on Twitter… Am definitely going to try to get her to comment on my blog. Am positive she’ll be THRILLED to hear that I love her book and think it’s the most non-boring smart book ever.


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