I am SO EXCITED! Only a few more days and EAT PRAY LOVE will hit theatres. Here’s Julia – yes, like Tom, she and I are also on a first name basis – looking nothing short of AMAZING in very short shorts! It is as if she hasn’t aged in 20 years. Her legs look as good as they did in Pretty Woman, and don’t think she doesn’t know it. She is happy with those legs. There’s no way she’s not.

Not sure what her secret is. Maybe it’s vitamins (not likely). Maybe it’s genetics (more likely). Maybe it’s good doctors (pretty sure leg surgery is a tough one). More than likely it’s a combination of all of those, plus a hint of chasing after kids all day while your private chef cooks you healthy food that tastes like cheesecake (there we go).

Either way, it’s okay to be jealous… I am, too.


One thought on “O.M.G.

  1. Yup – you said it, she does look amazing! But I did have a sneaky look at 400% and think you’d better take a look at her right foot! Nah, really, she does look amazing! And, yes, I think it is genetic! It must be!! Not that I know what her parents look/ed like, and I suppose that is possible to do nowadays on the internet? But one thing I did notice more, seeing as she is a little older, she does not have a symmetrical face – but that lends a certain je ne sais quoi/character, and would be just the over-icing on the cake! Enjoy the film!! Lend me the book do! Will be waiting for the DVD, so I’ve got time to read it first! xx

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