Is It Favoritism When It’s True?

Not all dogs are created equal. Some are more talented than others. If you’d asked me 5 years ago, I would not have bet 5 bucks on my little shy anxiety-ridden Daisy Duke being a star trick performer. But one day, she just managed to do all these tricks. I swear she understands English, so watch what you say around her. That said, if you want to know any Linsiloo scoop, promise to pay her in cookies and she’d probably spill ALL the beans.

On the other hand we have little Mr. Jimi Hendrix, aka James Alexander Hendrix McKenzie. He is a star performer in the sense that all who meet him love him. He has no enemies, man, woman, bird, squirrel, except for a very mean cat named Pekoe. As close to perfect as they come, he has but two flaws. One, you already know, the lisp. Two, he cannot do tricks to save his life. He barely sits.

Check out what I mean. Oh, and no idea why, but the first 7 seconds are WAY below standard. Am going to have to send a strongly worded email to YouTube. Google, consider yourself on notice.

That is all.


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