Too Early Harvest? Hope not.

Basket of tomatoes

Too many tomatoes sounds like a pretty nice problem to have, right? Except when too many tomatoes are weighing down the branches and causing those flimsy cages to topple. (Who invented those anyways? Why are they so narrow at the base??? It doesn’t make sense… grumble! grumble! grumble! I’m done.)

Long story short, I had to get some stakes in to prop up the cages and I’m hoping that will solve the problem, BUT there were some casualties in the process.

Came across this article with some decent suggestions. Hopefully they work. Fingers crossed!

On the plus side, the peppers and peas are DEFINITELY ready. Look at how good they look! Have to admit, I’m a little proud of myself – first time gardner and all…

Hold your applause. C’mon, stop. You’re making me blush. (Winky-wink.)

Almost there

Big guy, little guy

Fried green tomatoes, anyone?


: )

Peas, please.

Peas, please.

Peas, please.


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