THE cutest thing ever.

The B-Mac Dinner

If you’re like me, you grew up in a pretty traditional family. Dad went off to work. Mom stayed home with the kids and took care of homemaking shiz. She is awesome in the kitchen. She is the reason I CAN cook, but more than that she is the reason I love to cook.

Those roles have been pretty standard throughout my parents marriage, and really why change it? It obviously worked for them.

Which is why this is the cutest thing ever.


My dad just recently changed jobs. He’s a pilot, and his current flying gig takes him all over the world. It sounds pretty amazing, but there is definite sacrifice involved from both my mom and my dad because his schedule is six weeks on followed by six weeks off. Yes, that’s right. That means they are apart for six weeks at a time! It’s a struggle, and most definitely not a forever situation, but from the looks of things, for now it works for them.

According to my mom, the hardest part about the separation is re-establishing the routine when he comes home. You’d think that after a marriage worth of routine, it wouldn’t be so difficult, right? Well, apparently the old routine is boring and needed a little switch up. Because when we went over for the other day, the B-Mac was making dinner! That’s right, my DAD was making dinner.

You’re probably thinking, “Right, so he barbecued.”

Well, you’d be right, but that’s not the cutest thing ever. THE cutest thing ever is that the man made a potato salad – FROM SCRATCH – using a recipe he got out of magazine. I don’t know what it is about this that has me so tickled, I think it’s the idea of his mammoth hands handling tiny measuring spoons or the look of concentration I imagine coming across his face while he was finely chopping the dill. Or maybe it was how he was critiquing everything about the dinner as we ate.

“Oh, this has far too much mayonaise – next time I’ll remember to use less.”

“Sun dried tomatoes are tricky to chop… slippery little suckers!” (he ADORES the movie Pretty Woman)

Either way, it was THE cutest thing ever… but more than that it was YUMMY!

Great job, B-Mac!! Thanks for having us over.

Potato Salad a la B-Mac

The B-Mac BBQing

Yummy BBQ Chicken


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