I Never Win ANYTHING… until Today!

So you know who I heart just as much as I heart Julia Roberts? Tom Hanks.

He is awesome. His movies are awesome. And don’t you just feel like you could be best friends with Tom Hanks. For some reason, I do. I think it’s cuz he reminds me a bit of my dad. Plus, he is awesome. Did I mention that I think he’s awesome?

Anyways, I’ve been following him on Twitter and he’s tweeted exclusive pics & deets from the filming of his new movie, Larry Crowne. HIGHLY entertaining for anyone who loves inside scoop, especially of the Hollywood variety.

(psst… you might be late in realizing, due to my formerly-more-prominent childhood obesity activist disguise, that I am quite the Hollywood smuthound. I’m not even ashamed. There are lots of us out there, I’ve discovered. And anyways, it’s not like I peek on people in changerooms or collect other people’s underwear, this isn’t that kind of a secret obsession. The good thing is that if you are ever on the hunt for any insider Hollywood scoop – and really, you always should be, in my humble opinion – you now know where to come. I will either know the answer, or can find it out for you. I have sources, y’know. Just sayin’.)

Anyways, halfway through the filming, Tom – yes, we are on a first-name basis in my mind – started involving his assistant, Bo, in a genius marketing move for Ford. See, Ford obviously gave Bo a Ford Fiesta in exchange for the fame & glory they knew would come from having their wee car drive THE Mr. Tom Hanks around. And so, FiestaBo started filming behind-the-scenes footage on the production of Larry Crowne.

FiestaBo & the Ford Fiesta

FiestaBo & the Ford Fiesta

Which brings me to my winning.

Just recently, he’s been holding competitions on Twitter relating to the footage and after a lucky guess today, I won some Dearfoam slippers. No idea what these slippers are like. Am almost certain they won’t replace the ones my dad bought me for my birthday (everybody say, “awwwwww!”), BUT I never win anything!!! Ever. And I certainly never win things that are kinda-in-a-way from Tom Hanks. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.

Okay, they’re not, but let me just pretend the Dearfoam slippers are from Forrest Gump himself, okay?? Please.

Thank you!



5 thoughts on “I Never Win ANYTHING… until Today!

  1. YAY! Thank you so much, THE Mr. FiestaBo.

    Am so pleased you like my web journalism! Would like to say I tried really hard, but truthfully it came organically from the sheer exuberance of winning slippers. Can you imagine what would happen if I won, I dunno, a house coat or pajamas OR a BED??? The web journalism would be through the roof!!

    Thank you for the exclusive scoop, and let it be a lesson to my readers. When I say I have ‘sources,’ I mean it. Don’t ever doubt me again. (Winky-wink!)

    Peas & love,

  2. That’s just great! I actually burst out laughing! And they are so right about your web journalism – we think it is AWESOME! So, carry on, and this comes with peas, love and lots of understanding now! xx

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks so much for checking out the blog!

      Have no doubt that as soon as I receive them, I will not only blog what I think, but will also take a pic to share with my many readers! I know they will be very interested to hear what the FiestaSlippers look like and – more importantly – feel like to wear.

      Peas & Gump,

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