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I’ve always had the opinion that people who read are smarter than people who watch movies.

Do you agree?
Are we fighting?
I hope not.

Okay, I admit that is a HUGE generalization, one which will probably offend at least a bazillion of my readers – if you write it, they will come – but can we at least agree on the fact that it does require more time and effort to read a book than watch a movie?

Still fighting?

I say this without the slightest hesitation because I generally belong to the ‘movie’ group. I do love to read, but find it somewhat time-consuming. Also, it is usually a solo activity and being that I am somewhat socially-starved at the moment (a MAJOR downside to independent study), I will pick social activities – movie watching – over solo activities – reading – EVERY TIME.

Saying that, I’ve been invited to join a friend’s book club (YAY, LYNNE!) so I suspect I will soon discover the social side to reading. So excited!

Anyways, my point to all of this rambling is that I often strive to read a book before a movie but usually end up falling short. People always go on about how the book is so much better than the movie, they rarely state the opposite, right? So it’s a good goal, I think, to read the book before you see the movie, right?

Well, I finally did it. And the book was, Eat, Pray, Love, by Liz Gilbert. Oh what a wonderful story.

This book found its way to me during a very difficult time. I was just going through a horrible separation from someone whom I thought I was going to spend forever with. We had a house and co-parented fur babies and it was very, very sudden and unexpected. I literally felt like my world was ending and I desperately needed an escape. Not having the means to take a vacation, I was able to do so vicariously through this book.

The story is somewhat autobiographical in that it’s about Liz – the writer – who, after going through a nasty divorce and subsequent short-lived rebound fling, realizes she doesn’t know who she is. She sets off to find that out. She goes to Italy to learn Italian and EAT. She goes to India to meditate in an ashram and PRAY. And then she goes to Bali to learn from a medicine man and ends up finding LOVE. It is truly THE most beautiful story that I have ever read.


Have I ever told you how much I love Julia Roberts? Seriously do. She is my favorite actress by far. Miles above anyone else. She is what Hollywood should be all about, not this crazy Lindsay Lohan bull-shiz. Very few come close to her star-power, if any. I think I will cry when she retires, I love her THAT much.

ANYWAYS, you can imagine the ridiculousness when I heard that she would be playing Liz. It was like the fates were rewarding me for reading the book before the movie, in the most amazing way possible.

So ya, here’s the trailer for the movie. Have to say, am slightly annoyed – only slightly – that they’ve amped up the luxury in the meditation scene. If you read the book, you may have imagined it far more rustic, as I did. But Hollywood is as it will always be – glamour to the max.

OMG!!! It needs to be the 13th of August NOW!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “EAT, PRAY, LOVE

  1. if you’d like to join your new bookclub friends… we’re going on August 14th. afternoon flick. and then some gelato to relish in italian delights. wanna? and can’t wait for you to join either. i’ll get you the deets! yay to bookclub!

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