I had an interview yesterday and was asked the question, “What makes you really mad?”

Trying to channel serene interview-correctness – an attitude that is sometimes hard to come by for a person with very little distance between the place where thoughts are made and the place where thoughts are voiced – I answered, “When I take my dog outside and she doesn’t poop.”


Seriously. That is what I said. Because it is true… that does make me very angry. I wish I could explain to her that if she doesn’t go now, she’s going to have to hold it for the next 5 hours. Have you ever had to ‘hold it’ for 5 hours? Me neither, but (butt… hahaha!) you can just imagine the insane discomfort, right? Anyways, that was my answer and they laughed, so it seemed to go over well.

Admittedly, my new goal is to now strive to channel serene interview-correctness that does not include the word ‘poop.’ It’s always good to have goals!


I came across something today that does in fact make me very mad! Now, before you think and possibly hope for a worldwide injustice of some kind… it’s not gonna happen. Let’s just assume that my list does include real injustices like cruelty to animals, domestic abuse, third-world poverty, corrupt leadership and BP. Because it does. But those are all givens, right?

THIS makes me really mad. (I should mention that although The View does make my list of Top 10 Things That Make Me Go “AAAAAAAAARGH!”, I am not targeting them at the moment. My current wrath is actually saved for the dingle-berry that they have invited to their ‘show’ – Dr. Brandt.)


Mandatory deep breathing and “woo-saaaaas” followed by Koombayas around the campfire. And I think I’m ready to continue writing.

Plastic surgery as a medical advance is amazing… for burn victims, children born with a cleft palate, or people who suffer from deformities that are truly affecting their self-esteem – which, by the way, could technically serve as an umbrella under which everyone who’s ever thought to get plastic surgery could get protection. And I do sympathize with people who feel as though they are physically inadequate. AND I do admit that there seems to be a huge gap in fairness between male aging and female aging BUT here’s my question.

If we as a society continue to play Mr. Fix-it with the aging process, when do you say, “Okay, today’s the day I’ll let myself age.”

It makes me crazy to hear about young girls getting plastic surgery to further their acting/modeling careers. It makes me crazy to see beautiful women (think Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan) ruin their formerly flawless looks by not knowing when to say, “ENOUGH!” But what really makes me crazy is the impossible standards that these people are creating for the rest of the ‘normal’ population. Impossible standards that go on to provoke eating disorders and botched surgical procedures because they can’t afford the good doctors.

So, in summary, that is what makes me mad!

ps. On a funnier note, here is a picture of John Travolta’s wig. REALLY? This is better than bald??? REALLY!!? (Proof that it was him.)

ps. to the ps. If you want to scare yourself away from getting plastic surgery, check out this site. I really must warn you thought – this site is both horrifying AND addictive AND horrifying!!!


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