I Heart This!

The movie “Art & Copy” definitely rekindled my old love of advertising (when it’s done well). There are so many great ads out there, and the crappy ones tend to make you forget that.

This ad is a great example of what I mean. It’s by those geniuses over at Wieden+Kennedy. I love how it calls her butt her ambassador! (Cuz it’s funny, cuz it’s her ASS… Get it??? hahaha!)

My Butt...

Click on it to see full-size

To read more about this campaign, read this article by Advertising Age.

Oh ya, and one more thing…

If you find anything you want included in this category, click here to send me an email! I’ll even give you the credit!! (Although, in advance, I cannot promise that it will bring you any form of fame or glory! DANG!)


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