Art & Copy

Art & Copy film poster

I got to see this really awesome movie over the weekend and I wanted to give it some props as well as recommending it to you! It’s called Art & Copy and it’s a movie about the advertising industry.

Like it or not, advertising is a HUGE part of our culture. Whether obvious or not, we are constantly being told to buy things via subtle or the not-so-subtle art of advertising. It’s an important job, and unfortunately not everyone understands that when they get into advertising. On the surface, an ad is just a printed or moving message selling you a product, but underneath that, advertising has the ability to shape our thoughts and form our self-images.

Not only are we told which toilet paper to buy and which cars we NEED to have, but it goes further than that. Through advertising, young men are taught to value beer, sports, and hot babes. Young women are taught to shop, self-beautify and chase unreachable heights of body standards.

Done well, however, advertising can be motivating (in the right way), inspirational, and truly be considered art. This movie shows us that. This behind-the-scenes movie interviews some of the most important minds the advertising agency has ever seen. As your listening to these creative professionals, you learn the reasons the ads turned out the way they did and the stories behind them. You get to know them as people and you understand why they have been successful.

“Advertising is a weapon, be careful where you point it.”
~ Dan Wieden, co-founder Wieden+Kennedy

Oh, and he also said:

“Creativity comes out both ends.”

but don’t hold that against him because Dan Wieden gets it. Not only was he key in the development of the “Just Do It” slogan for Nike, but he also co-founded Wieden+Kennedy, an agency responsible for several groundbreaking campaigns. (Most recently, the Old Spice commercial. You must’ve seen it. You haven’t? Watch it right now! It’s hysterical!! Even if you have seen it before, I bet you’ll watch it again!!)

ps. If you have a chance, watch Art & Copy!


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