Woohoo! New Workout Shoes!!!

So… you know how working out is kind of essential to healthy living.

I KNOW! It totally sucks. I wish there was a way around it, but… there’s not.

You need to work out to make sure you don’t grow old before your time. You also need to work out to keep your body at it’s highest disease fighting levels. AND you need to work out because it completely enhances your mood. FOR REALS!

I’m not naturally athletic – AT ALL! I was always picked last in gym class – and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS! This scarring memory didn’t help my outlook on anything fitness related later in life. In fact, usually before I go to the gym, I get down-right grumpy. The thing about that mood enhancing thing… not just hype. It’s true. I enter the gym grumpy as a bear and leave happy as a camper. (You know that expression. Don’t pretend you don’t.)

I promise you, the same will happen for you. Forgo the happy meds, and try a workout instead. EVEN if the only thing you’re happy about is the fact that the workout is done, I promise you that you’ll feel it. Don’t analyze the happy. Embrace it! Be it! Own it!

Being that I am not naturally athletic, I have to bribe myself to the gym with things.

“What things?” you might ask.

Well, I’ll tell you. The things I bribe myself with are things like yummy desserts, my iPod, cute workout outfits, AND cute running shoes. The iPod, cute workout outfits and shoes aren’t something I bribe myself with everytime – THAT WOULD GET EXPENSIVE – usually it’s just a trade-off of calories burned = calories spent on yummy. The point is this… If you’re going to workout, feel good doing it. Get yourself some comfy clothes that make you feel good about your body. Invest in proper shoes. And amp up the tunes!! There is literally nothing worse than clothes that don’t stretch & shoes that don’t breathe and treadmill time.

TRUST! I know.

This brings me to my latest review and my most recent bribe – the Nike Free Run running shoes. I bought them because my old ones had seen better days, and for some reason lately my foot temperature has increased. It’s insane! It is literally like Hell exists inside my shoes.

Anyways, they’re a fairly new shoe and based on the relatively new trend of barefoot running, but they seem to work brilliantly. They’re light, breathable and very flexible yet supportive. In fact, my sweetie bought his a while back because his brand-new New Balance running shoes killed his shins. Seriously. The sports therapist actually recommended a crazy surgical procedure where his shin muscle wall was going to have to be sliced into! WITH A KNIFE!!! IN BOTH LEGS!!! EEEEEEK! As a last resort, he purchased these shoes to see if it made any difference. Within days, he noticed a HUGE difference. What a relief.

(To be clear, I’m not knocking New Balance – I know lots of people who swear by them, but it just goes to show you how important proper footwear is and how what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.)

Nike Free Run running shoes

For more info on this shoe, read this article. They’re can be hard to come by in stores, but you can order them online through Sportchek.

Nike Free Run Running Shoes

Nike Free Run Running Shoes


2 thoughts on “Woohoo! New Workout Shoes!!!

  1. Your shoes sound great, Linds. I know what you mean about exercise. I’m the same way and never look forward to it.

    I was always picked last on teams, too. I swear that song “Seventeen” was written with me in mind. Funny it came out when I was 17 as well. Was she spying on me? heheheh

    I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing my morning walk because of going to Cape Breton and then my walking partner Sharon hurt her hip. So easy to get lazy about it. I’ve been really slack.

    This morning I forced myself to go and I feel so much better having done it. I don’t have nifty shoes like yours though. I’m envious. Can’t afford them right now. Oh well. Some day.

  2. Which “Seventeen” song? I tried to Google it but there are a ridonculous number of “Seventeen” songs. Am suspicious it could be my new theme song???


    : )

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