Nike Free Runs + Lady Gaga + Elliptical = Winning Cardio Combo

After my weekend of indulgence, I needed to refocus my workout to make sure I got as much out of it as possible. You know, to burn off the chocolate cake, DQ ice cream cake, and, of course, the birthday CHEESECAKE. To say the least, I had some serious work to do!

I needed a plan of attack.


I just told you about my new problem of Hell living inside my old, beat-up sneakers. Well, new Nike Free Runs took care of that.



I had recently become very aware that gym visits as of late had become tired & tenuous events. I blame the music. I had grown bored of almost all the music on my iPod. Bored is actually putting it mildly, I downright hated some of it. This needed a change.

When I was at my mom’s this past weekend, she was busting some serious Lady Gaga! (I know – my mom is SO COOL!) Anyways, I loved it. It’s invigorating, catchy, upbeat and very very energizing. Your body wants to move without you having to think too much about it. In short, it’s FAB!

So I downloaded it. CHECK!

Artist: Lady Gaga
Album title: Fame Monster
Fave workout songs: “Bad Romance”, “Poker Face”, “Alejandro”, and “Teeth”

Fame Monster

Image source


Because I knew I’d eaten a tonne of calories over the weekend, I needed to burn them off. Or at least start to burn some of them off. Cardio (I know. Ewwww… right?) was greatly needed and because of this, I opted for the elliptical.

The elliptical has several advantages over other cardio machines, but the one that I am most interested in is the fact that it feels less draining than the treadmill while burning just as many calories for the same amount of time.

“What’s that?” you say.

Seriously. Because it’s no-impact, it is easier on your joints and it feels less draining. AND because most ellipticals incorporate arm motion with the moving handles, you can actually burn more calories than if you did just a leg workout.

To me, the math is quite simple:

elliptical = workout that feels easier + lotsa calories burnt



I burnt 500 calories in 40 minutes – without it feeling like it took 40 years of excruciating & mind-numbing boredom. And that, my friends, is what I call a successful workout!

Try it out!!


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