Birthday Long Weekend Happy Sighs…

As I told you all in the previous post, this past weekend was celebration time for my sweetie’s birthday. And celebrate we did.

After starting off the weekend a bit on the wrong foot – he fell down an entire flight of stairs made of hardwood, while I appropriately shrieked from my safety zone of the laundry room. (Apparently the shrieking resembled that of a crow… See? It’s not just me telling you this.) But after that minor misstep (Tee hee! Puns are fun!), we were well on our way to complete and total celebration.

planned itinerary

SATURDAY :: day at the cottage on Lac St-Pierre
SUNDAY :: day by the pool
MONDAY :: another day by the pool

I’m gonna do 3 separate posts, so that it won’t require a whole lot of reading commitment from you.

NOTE: If you’re only interested in hearing about the aforementioned CHEESECAKE – skip ahead to post #3.


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