Birthday Long Weekend Happy Sighs :: Sunday

Don’t you just hate it when you jinx the weather by waking up and declaring, “Looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day!” (especially when you’ve invited people over to sit by the pool, combined with the fact that the house is being renovated extensively and there is literally nowhere to sit indoors other than beds).


In the end the weather played nice, but it was taunting us with big mean clouds for a while, and more importantly… BLOCKING THE SUN!!!

SUNDAY :: day by the pool

  • woke up & declared it was looking it was going to be a beautiful day
  • went grocery shopping at Farm Boy – as close to a BC farmer’s market as I can find in Ontario
  • came home and made a whackload of guacomole, hamburger patties, and condiment platter
  • went out to the pool and joined the birthday boy who was drifting around in a floaty-lounger
  • was joined by Jordie – my cousin – as we tried (operative word since we’re both pale-to-the-max) to tan despite big mean clouds
  • philosophized over the meaning of life, AKA covered the basics of celebrity scandal, personal love life failures & successes, and shared nursing educational aspirations
  • breath-holding competitions… y’know where you try to outlast each other under water to get fun light-headed cheap thrills…. ooooh the danger!
  • ate yummy dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, guacomole & CORN ON THE COB
  • happy birthday cake courtesy of Mama Wickware & Dairy Queen
  • conclusion: spent another wonderful day with family, celebrating my sweetie’s birthday… WITH ICE CREAM CAKE!!

SPECIAL THANKS: To Jords who helped me in the kitchen, despite strong dislike of avocados, to Auntie Kath for bringing the corn, to Uncle Rob for manning the BBQ, to Grammy for the potato salad, and to Mom & Dad for allowing me to host at their beautiful new house.


Birthday Boy in Floaty Lounger

Happy Birthday DQ Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday DQ Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday DQ Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday DQ Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday DQ Ice Cream Cake

Grammy & Grandaddy


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