Birthday Long Weekend Happy Sighs :: Monday

Out of all three days, Monday had the best weather, by far. Which is ironic, because we woke up to the sound of torrential downpour.

MONDAY :: another day by the pool

  • woke up and cursed the weather
  • went grocery shopping for CHEESECAKE ingredients
  • came home and made aforementioned CHEESECAKE
  • lounged by the pool
  • surprise visit from Dave – aka one of my favorite brothers!!!
  • ate a repeat performance of Sunday dinner, because it was THAT good
  • dessert: birthday CHEESECAKE
  • conclusion: happiness can well be summed up by 3 little words: family, pool & CHEESECAKE

SPECIAL THANKS: To Miranda & Henry, my sweetie’s parents, for sharing him with us even though you weren’t able to be here. We know you wish you could’ve been! And we wish you could’ve been, too!!


Birthday BBQ

Birthday Boy

Davey-boy & the Jimis




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