This is going to be brief.

Birthday CHEESECAKE wasn’t the success it needed to be. I blame the pressure. And possibly the hypocrisy.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe it’s just a case of Too-Good-To-Be-True.

On one hand we have Apple Crisp. On the other we have CHEESECAKE. I tried to make them get along. Maybe I was wrong in assuming they would. It’s kind of like setting up friends. Just because they’re perfect on paper doesn’t mean they’ll work in real life – no matter how many times you’ve thought about all the double-dating…

You’ll note that this isn’t a RECIPE post. I just am not ready to share. This CHEESECAKE is currently still in the trial phase. I may try to improve it. I also may banish it to the land of You’ve-Disappointed-Me-&-I’m-Pouting.

The jury is still out.

Shortened Version of Events

  • GOAL: CHEESECAKE with Apple-Crisp topping as the crust
  • started out great
  • Mom’s KitchenAid mixer was making my YEAR
  • photos were looking promising
  • I was gearing up for a blog post of UBER-TASTIC success!!
  • was going to leave the crust unbaked, the same way you do the graham cracker crust
  • last minute change of heart – baked it for 10 minutes
  • CHEESECAKE came out looking picture perfect
  • it was, until I went to cut it
  • couldn’t cut it
  • crust was like chewy concrete
  • messy, messy, struggling, messy
  • but still yummy
  • MORE FAILURE: candied apples looked like bacon and I learned the valuable lesson as there is such a thing as TOO MUCH BUTTER


  1. You can’t win’em all.
  2. Apples that look like bacon is NEVER a good thing.
  3. Birthday cheesecake is a pressure-ridden present.
  4. Two YUMs do not necessarily make YUM YUMs…
  5. MUST get a KitchenAid mixer. MUST.












3 thoughts on “Birthday CHEESECAKE

  1. Just loved all that “sharing” and we are so glad we know Robert is so lovingly cared for, even if you do throw him down the stairs first, just to make him appreciate you more fully! As we come to the end of three interesting and varied days on the Isle of Skye – I feel a blog should be appropriate – we too wish we had all been together – but thank you for sharing it ALL with us – the successes and the failures!! Big hugs and hope to see you all soooooooon! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. love your pictures. they are simply… beautiful. now i aspire for the same quality on my blog. AND i agree.. sometimes two wonderful things don’t make a good combination… BUT i would recommend making a graham cracker crust and adding some oatmeal flakes to it – pulse it all together, add cinnamon and stuff to make it taste really crisp-like – bake 10 minutes and then make your cream cheese base laced with apple compote… that might work out nicely. sorry for going on and on… i think i’m going to have a cheese cake party. wanna come? i have 3 cheese cakes i wanna make. you game?

  3. apple compote! nom nom noms… oooooo it could be marbled! HEY! that’s a great idea. thanks, lynne!

    and heck ya, i’ll come to your cheesecake party! HECK to the YA!

    email me deets!! : )

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