Cheeky Crisp Topping with Smidge of Hypocrisy

Hello my peaches!

(ps. I have no idea why I’ve decided you’re all my peaches. My dog Daisy Duke will tell you that I’ve called her “The Peaches” almost her whole life… much to her dismay, most likely.

So lemme guess. Now you’re mad because I’m calling you the same thing I call my dog? Probably, right. Couldn’t really blame you, could I?

Well I’m not apologizing, because technically-speaking (and yes, that would be the technology of peaches) you should take it as nothing less than the highest form of compliment, since I love my dog more than almost anything. Except, of course… when she’s tooting. Yep, the love goes on hold for a second until the air clears, but then it’s right back to loving full-speed-ahead.)


I’m off for a long weekend full of family reunions at the cottage (pictures of that scenic beauty on Tuesday) and birthday celebrations. My sweetie’s birthday is on Monday and all he wanted for it was cheesecake. Seriously. That’s ALL he wanted. Am slightly concerned at the thought of having an entire cheesecake in the condo with just the two of us. Scatch that, am VERY concerned. But it is his birthday wish and since birthdays only come along once a year – what am I to do? I fear that anything less than his birthday wish will result in birthday pouting, and truly there is nothing worse than that.

Since I do enjoy making a cheesecake every now and again, I have a good recipe in mind. AND since I like customizing recipes almost every time, I’ve already thought of a twist. You know topping in the fruity crisp recipe? Wellllllll, let’s just say that the last time I made it, it told me it wanted to be a crust in its next life.

Seriously. I know, right? That cheeky crisp topping!

And although I normally do not possess reincarnating powers, I never want to be that person who stands in the way of spiritual evolution. That’s just bad karma, man. And so, with the help of the powers that I do have, I will bake it so. Everybody say, “Ommmmmmmmmm!”

That Cheeky Meditating Crisp Topping

I will be reporting back on Tuesday as to whether it was a success or not, and in so doing, I fear I’ll be drastically tainting the healthiness of this blog. Forever it will make me the walking-blogging hypocrite, right?

Oh well. C’est la vie. Life is for living and if you can’t enjoy cheesecake once in a while, that just ain’t right.


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