Dear Peachy Readers,

I owe you a great big apology for being away so long. I am not dead. No, my big pile of children’s book research did not fall on me. These past 2 weeks have been full of other kinds of adventures, planning a kitchen (not mine), finalizing one website and designing 3 concepts for 2 separate websites. And while I’m not saying that these adventures are more important than our relationship, I am reminding you that I am admittedly very crow-like and have told you before – very easily distracted by pretty and shiny things. (In this case, pretty and shiny came in the way of hand-blown glass knobs for creamy coconut-coloured cabinetry. I really should’ve taken a picture to share with you!)

If I’m to be a little bit honest and exposed, I’ve also been feeling a bit frustrated with this whole adventure. I got a very kind email from someone responding to my plea for feedback. She’s a writer and provided me with both a good dose of reality, and some wise words of encouragement.

Her main points:

  1. This whole business of trying to get published – an emotional roller-coaster & lessons in perseverance.
  2. My book is probably more of a niche book which makes it even less desirable for publishers to take a risk – especially on “an unknown”.
  3. Write more for the love of the process not for the end-goal of getting published.
  4. She also recommended some associations to join where authors give each other constructive criticism.

They are good points and very much appreciated, so THANK YOU!!! Cathy. You’re a peach!

Anyways, my good readers I am back! Please forgive me for leaving you without notice or cause. Stay tuned for more fun stuff over the next few weeks, including… possibly…. A CONTEST!!!


ps. The Poonums say hello.


3 thoughts on “I’M SORRY!!!

  1. Happy to give you some input, Linds. I would say you’re doing all the right things on your writing journey towards publication. You’re open minded and willing to learn so you’re on your way.

    It’s those people who write one book, think it’s wonderful and aren’t willing to revise or listen to any advice who get stuck in suspended animation and never move forward.

    Good luck and let me know if you need any more feedback. Happy to help out. You go, girl!

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