Get Your Grow On!

Not everyone has the time or the land to have their own garden, but recently I have discovered lots of people are cramming mini-gardens into even the tiniest spaces.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest is a blog I visit regularly and they focus on green & sustainable living anywhere from sprawling properties to tiny apartments. Their website is fantastically inspiring and it got me to start my own garden right on my balcony.

Here are some pics starting off with when they were baby seedlings. Awww!

(By the way, the eggshells although cute were not as successful as I thought they would be. They do contribute necessary minerals AND are an organic container that will decompose, but the seedlings that were the most successful were the ones where I removed most of the shell prior to transplanting.)





garden egglings

baby herblings

the pea is winning

balcony garden

tomatoes of the future

peppers of the future

herb garden


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