No loophole

Sorry, folks. No loophole today. We are still in a relationship.

(Scared new peachy followers should click here to know what I mean… and also to know the deal.)

This isn’t going to be a long post since I’m assuming that on a beautiful Friday afternoon, most of you have abandoned your responsible lives for some sunny weekend fun! I did, however, tell you I would report back by the end of today and so to CMB (cover my butt) I am doing just that.

Here’s the deal. I researched the place where I am going to perform market research. I may not have actually gone to the library, but I found out what its hours of biii-ness are. This is a crucial step, no? I mean, what if I shown up and it been closed?

No, that would not do. And as such, this is progress to the max.


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