Tomorrow = Roadtrip

At this point, it’s probably pretty easy to forget that this blog started out as a way to potentially get my book, Chunky Charlie & The Four Fat Fairies published. I did tell you that I am very crow-like… easily distracted by shiny things, and – as my family will convey – loud and obnoxious.

Regardless of whether or not I’ll agree with them on the second part, I fully admit to being easily distracted. That being the case, I’m writing this post to hold me fast to the plan at hand.

After some very good advice from a well-seasoned publishing expert, I’ve decided to re-evaluate the text of my story.

As I’ve mentioned, this whole thing started off as a project for a book illustration class. And while writing an original story was a part of the spec, the emphasis lay mostly on the illustrating part. I’ve never actually had someone critically read it through from a publishing perspective. And, now that I’ve had that, it’s come to my attention that it might be a bit wordy for the age group I’m targeting.

I know what you’re thinking. Lindsay, wordy? Never.

Well, my peachy followers, ’tis true. I am very fond of words. Would eat them if I could, and have been known to on occasion.

And so, before ripping into text, it has been very kindly suggested I do some market research. And that is exactly where you all come in.

If, by end of day tomorrow, you haven’t heard back from me reporting findings or at least progress on said market research, I will give you a loophole on the Terms & Conditions of our relationship and let you leave me and my blog.

After all, at that point, I will have been very lazy and naughty, and wouldn’t expect you to do anything less.

And so tomorrow, off to the children’s section of my local library I go!

Roadtrip! Woot! Woot!?

Ya, more like… SHHHHHHHHHH!


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