New Hobby!

As your self-appointed ambassador of healthy eating, I’ve taken on a new hobby. Luckily (for me), it goes hand-in-hand with my other hobby, which is… obviously… FOOD.

“What’s this new hobby?” you may ask.

Kind of you to ask, really. I think it demonstrates that our relationship is growing. You did know that we are now in a relationship, didn’t you?

Oh, you didn’t? And now… you want out?

Number 1. Uhhh… rude!

Number 2. You didn’t read the fine print. Go ahead and read it. It’s on the Terms & Conditions page. Here, I’ll even link it for you. THAT’s how giving I am in my relationships.


I feel so much better now that the paper work is over with. Where was I? Oh yes, new hobby that goes hand-in-hand with food…

Back on track

Overall, embracing healthy living is full of rewards. You feel better, have more energy, and slowly but surely lose the fear of accidentally seeing your own reflection in large windows, or worse… evil judgey vending machines. The one major downside to healthy living is the feeling that you have to leave oldy-but-goody recipes behind.

For example, I totally LOVE the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. You know the one. Mmmmmm…. SO GOOD! I’m so not going to link to that one because you’d NEVER come back. Plus, if you really want it, you can Google it. At least the effort might count in the way of some weird form of cyber-exercise.

Getting back, I love that recipe but like lots of oldy-but-goodies, it’s pretty high in all the bad stuff and pretty low in all the good stuff.

NEW HOBBY! (Sorry, I got excited for a second…) I’m giving it a nutritional face-lift!

Basically what I’m trying to do is even out that imbalance a bit by adding more good stuff and lowering the bad stuff BUT without compromising taste.

I’m pretty confident I can do it, too. The new healthified version has had a couple of rounds in the kitchen, but it’s not quite ready to share… yet.

You’ll have to wait a little while longer, but definitely STAY TUNED!

Someone couldn't wait...

Someone couldn't wait...


2 thoughts on “New Hobby!

  1. Would I?? No, seriously! Would I want out??? No way! I had read the small print and am glad that you too take our relationship seriously! So, no worries there then. OK??

    Just one tiny weeny point though – can I take a break?? Needs must I am afraid! Not quite yet, but soon – I’ll give you due warning and hope that you will look kindly on my request. We will resume our relationship as soon as logistically possible of course!

    I will try and be very good and eat healthily and if I come across any really yummy but deliciously non-wicked recipes, I will let you know! Keep up the good work in the meantime!

    Lol xxx

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