Follow-up to The Key to Eating GUILT FREE Cheesecake

Hey all you peachy followers,

Just wanted to let you know that I found a non-iPhone alternative to the Lose It! app. (Told you I would!)


This website is awesome! Not only is it easy to use, it’s also very community-based (linking to Facebook, etc.), AND it’s got a great database of over 110,000 food items. Going even further, it grades your food choices which really makes it easy to pick healthier options.

For example, I just entered Tim Hortons into the search box and all their food options came up – with a grade beside them. You might be surprised that some things that you thought were an instant no-no aren’t as bad as you thought, AND (unfortunately) the other way around. My favorite healthy raisin bran muffin only gets a C+. Which is why I now make my own! (see below)

Anyways, the iPhone option is still more portable, but this is a great alternative!

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Follow-up to The Key to Eating GUILT FREE Cheesecake

  1. Hmmm… international obstacles! I love how you’re making my blog seem so worldly!

    Tell you what, I will leave that to you to research – because you will know better than I if it has a useful database for people in the UK. But don’t forget to come back and share your findings if/when you findings them.

    : )

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