I was driving around today – NOT speaking on the iPhone.

Oprah, I know you and I got off to a rough start, but I am not tempting fate by worsening this already fragile relationship by thumbing my nose at your NO-PHONE-ZONE. (See how nice I was to link to your website? Now go ahead and do the same, Oprah. It’s not hard! I’m waaaai-ting!)

Where was I? Oh yes, driving around not speaking on the iPhone. Not Facebooking on the iPhone. Not Twittering on the iPhone. You name it and I was NOT doing it on the iPhone. And that was because I was driving.

To me, it’s simple math:

me + car + driving + iPhoning = CRASH!

Now, I don’t want a medal for this. And if anyone gets any medals, it should be Oprah. (See? Not only linking to your site, but now recommending you for medals! Linky-linky-link…) What I did notice, however, is that EVERYONE else was either iPhoning or Crackberrying – even smallish children.

Before you think that’s where this story is going, it’s not. I am not even going to touch the subject of should ‘children’ have access to cell phones. I am neither parent nor brave enough to touch that one. I’ll just back away from it right now… waving a white flag of surrender and possibly offering gifts, if need be.

The point of this story is just a question: are these can’t-live-without technology ‘time-savers’ iSolating us?

As I was waiting for the light to change while beside a bus, I noticed that almost everyone on that bus was iPhoning or Crackberrying. Once I noticed this, it peaked my interest and I started paying closer attention. Yet again, at another intersection beside a different bus, more iPhoners and Crackberriers.

I’m guilty of it, too. The first thing I do in the morning is check the iPhone to find out the latest and greatest of the information available to me. Whether I have a penchant for social updates (Facebook), varied tid-bits of scoop (Twitter), celebrity smut (LaineyGossip), or the status of the oil spill (CNN), it matters not because it is all available at the tips of my fingers. It’s also amazing how frequently I check it, even though I have JUST checked it. Not a whole lot can change in 5 minutes, right? And yet… it COULD!

I’m not saying this is good or saying it’s bad, because truthfully I have no idea, and more to the point… I’m not sure I want to do without! It just got me wondering about the possible implications.

For instance, I wonder if the number of useful police tips are down because people aren’t as observant anymore. I wonder if punctuality is down because more people miss their bus stops due to emails. (Guilty! tee hee!) I wonder if friendliness to strangers is down because people are too busy talking on the phone or checking their texts. And if this is the case, are more opportunities missed that come about from random encounters?

Sometimes I just wonder if our iPhones are making us islands?


3 thoughts on “iSolation?

  1. Crackberrying – that cracks me up!! We call them Blackberries over here! So, you can see where I’m coming from!!

    Anyway, yes, you are right – we are becoming islands because of technology! Not just i-phones and blackberries, but computer games, X-boxes, computers per se etc etc and the list is endless.

    However, I think that communities are beginning to cotton on to that fact and may, if we can believe what we hear, start thinking again and go back to communicating in person! Now wouldn’t that be awesome? Having said that, I would not be a happy person without Skype – but then one is interracting face to face, so to speak, and not just twiddling one’s fingers on a minute keyboard and communicating endless rather unneccessary “gems”!

    So, perhaps it comes down to technology is turning us into islands? It is certainly driving us through life as such a hell of a lick that we don’t get 24 hours in 24 hours any more! I think the answer is to take to the water, without any technology to hand, and let nature guide us through life in it’s natural way – day following night and all that! We all need to take time to “stand and stare” – but I guess we just get time to see what they are doing in the bus next to us at the traffic lights as we race along to the next destination or task, cramming our lives with the next “must do”!

    The way to go is face to face, leaving technology to rest for a while!

  2. They’re called Blackberries over here, too… but they’re as addictive as CRACK (okay, maybe not quite, but still…) so they got that nick-name.

    I should’ve said crackbarriers

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