There’s No Sense Washing Your Hands…

If you’re gonna put filth into your mouth.

I know that’s a heck of a statement to make, but it’s true. As a society, we spend all this time paranoid about washing our hands – especially before we eat – without giving much thought as to what is in our food. I’m not saying all food is filthy, I’m just saying that I bet most people don’t know half of what is actually in or on their food.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the movie Food, Inc. – quite simply, you need to. It’s one of those uncomfortable eye-opening movies that leave you feeling a bit violated. Nothing spells FUN like a good old violation, huh? Seriously though, it will show you that despite how personal food may seem, ultimately it is a huge money-making business. And as is often the case, when it comes to business, “it’s not personal.” Meaning, that even though it might seem safe to assume that the makers of our foods have our best interests at heart, that is not always how it is.

Food Inc.

Okay, this might not have to do with childhood obesity, but it does have to do with the food you feed yourself and your kids, so bear with me for a second…

5 Reasons to Eat Organic

You’d have to be hiding under a rock to not hear about organic food, especially lately. One thing that’s pretty obvious, it’s usually more expensive AND for families on already tight budgets, the question seems to be, “Is it worth it?”

Over the past two years, I’ve made the switch from regular food to organic food and haven’t looked back. The thing about organic food is that it’s not so much what it is, as much as what it isn’t. You’ll see what I mean.

01. Not perfect
Organic food isn’t made with colourings, flavourings, or sweeteners, and it’s not genetically-modified. As a result, organic produce sometimes looks imperfect, especially when placed next to genetically modified produce. Just remember that fruits and vegetables grow to have imperfections… kind of like people do. It doesn’t mean they taste bad, in fact, in some cases it means they taste BETTER!

02. No pesticides

Pest control is taken care of without the use of cancer-causing pesticides.
Background info: Farmers have long since used pesticides to respond to pest problems.
Concern: These pesticides have been shown to cause cancer as well as other health-related problems.

03. No traces of growth hormones
Organic meat comes from animals raised without growth-hormones.
Background info: Growth hormones are used so that livestock reach maturity faster which means the farmer can raise more in a year. Also, growth hormones are used so that the animals grow to a larger size.
Concern: It’s unclear whether or not those hormones are transferred to us when we eat the meat.

04. No antibiotics
Organic livestock are raised without the precautionary use of antibiotics.
Background info: The precautionary use of antibiotics in farm animals has been practiced for decades. The thinking behind it is that instead of treating animals for disease, they prevent it by pre-medicating them.
Concern: Overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance, which is extremely scary since it means that disease-causing bacteria no longer respond to the medication. Feeding farm animals antibiotics as a precautionary method has been proven to lead to antibiotic-resistance which has then been passed onto humans through eating the meat.

05. No cruelty to animals

Raising livestock in a healthy, humane and respectful manner is part of organic certification.

Farmers who choose to produce organic food have to go through a strict organic certification process. This process ensures that they are indeed selling what they say they’re selling. The guidelines that they have to follow usually make it more challenging for them to raise animals and crops, so keep that in mind when comparing prices between organics and non-organics. I think some things are worth paying a bit extra for.


Organic Products – The Government of Canada

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