Haven’t Gone Missing…

Hey all you peachy followers!! (I type this with the hope of, if you type it… they will come!)

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Have I ever mentioned that I live in Ottawa? If you’ve never visited, you absolutely have to because it’s a beautiful city. One that I’ve always felt is very well-planned. This might be a slightly strange way to describe the appeal of a city, but I just love how the downtown section is situated in perfect scenic balance. All the old-timey buildings surrounding the Parliament buildings. All on the cliffs of the Ottawa River. I love it. It never feels as though things were placed hap-hazardly, and this very much appeals to my inner O.C.D. that I fear lives and breaths a very strange brand of organized-chaos. Sometimes it likes the über-organized… sometimes it thrives on chaos. (I never know in advance.)

Anyways, we’ve just finished moving from a very non-scenic part of Ottawa to a much more-scenic-esque part of Ottawa. I add the ‘-esque’ part because technically the base of our building is not in a very pretty part, in fact it’s on a very busy road. BUT as we are on the 19th floor (gulp!) we have a fantastic view of the Ottawa River AND the Parliament buildings, as well as a ton of trees. Sometimes it feels a bit like we’re overlooking Central Park, but that’s only if you squint your eyes really hard and tilt your head to the right.

Our view

Our amazing view of Ottawa River

The point of all this being that I’ve been a bit offline because of this move, but don’t worry I am back.

Susan, a friend of mine who just nicely proved that apparently I DO have followers, just tweeted me this article that she found in the Ottawa Citizen. It talks about how often this whole childhood obesity problem is so much more than it seems. It’s really tempting to get up on the judgey pulpit and point fingers at the parents and children, preaching to them about the importance of healthy eating. But, as I’ve said before there are a lot of other factors at play. Here’s a great article about how school’s get funding through things like Pizza Days and chocolate bar drives.

Now the school’s are the bad guys, right? Wrong. It turns out that these food drives are paying for are programs and supplies that have dwindling or now non-existent budgets. The bad guys, it turns out in this case, are at a much higher level.

It just goes to show that children are truly the victims here. We cannot expect children to make the right decisions when everything around them makes it easier to make the wrong ones.

Read the article “School councils addicted to junk food” here


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