Old-Steeze Texture or No?

I am skipping a couple critical steps in the development of this book. I had intended to blog you through the process step-by-step, and if that had been the case, Creating a Book Dummy was to follow Creating a Storyboard. BUT as is usually the case with me, intentions are usually filed away under, “Oh, what could have been… had I not got distracted.”

Kind of like a crow, I get distracted by pretty and shiny things. The pretty and shiny in this case being texture!! You know you’re a design geek when…

As part of the original assignment (this all started as a project in college. Click here for refresher.) I had decided to experiment with acrylic paints to do the illustrations. Here is a picture of the original title illustration.

old title illustration

Old Cover Illustration

What I discovered though during that process was that acrylic paints and I do not always get along, where as Adobe Illustrator (software used for current illustrations) and I are BFFs. So rather than go to battle with acrylics, I decided to ask Adobe Illustrator to be my life-partner and thus, all the illustrations are now vector-fabulousness – which is why they look all digital-cartoony.

As I was looking at my old illustrations the other day, it did occur to me that perhaps the newer versions could use some of the old-steezy texture. So I did a little experiment… here is the outcome.

Which do you prefer?

title illustration - texture


title illustration - original

No Texture

sample illustration - texture


sample illustration - original

No Texture

Please let me know what you think! I heart feedback!


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