Is “Four Fat Fairies” Offensive?


I’ve often wondered if the title to my story is offensive, and if that would somehow translate to it not being published. Personally, I don’t think it is – it certainly isn’t meant to be. I love the alliteration, and if your answer comes back as, “Yeah, it’s a little offensive…”, I’m really not sure what I’ll call them. I do wonder, though, if the answer comes back as “Yes” if it isn’t another example of erring on the side of uber-political-correctness.

Society has taken the word FAT and turned it into one of the harshest insults existing today, promoting eating disorders and plastic surgery fat-sucking procedures. And as a result, I think parents are scared of putting that label on their kids, but ignoring it won’t make it any less true.

Fat shouldn’t be a bad word. It’s an important biological component of our body structure that carries out some very important functions, for example providing us with insulation to keep us warm and also protecting vital organs. Without it, we would die.

But too much of it is just as deadly.

PLEASE share your opinion. Taking a second to let me know your thoughts would be a big help!!

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