Lead #1 :: Canadian Children’s Book Centre

I heart Google so much!

Whatever did we do before it was invented? Phone books are so heavy and paper-wasteful. Maps can never be refolded (grrr!). But most importantly, how did we stalk people do important research before without Google. Impossible!

Even though I argued with Oprah that the moment of opportunity for most is the exact same as luck, I do agree with her that you need to be prepared. And plus, I was a Brownie, Girl Guide AND a Pathfinder (forget for a minute that I dropped out of all three… ) and if I remember anything from those fine life experiences, it’s that you should “Always Be Prepared.”

So, in honour of Lady O and all my previous guiding/path finding mentors, I am preparing myself for the moment of opportunity, AKA the Portal of Publishment.

Ramble, ramble… back to the beginning. I Googled and found lots of good leads, and took the first one that looked promising and apparently hit the jackpot of resources.

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for young readers. Not only does the Canadian Children’s Book Centre have tons of its own information, but it has a gajillion links to other sites with information PLUS it has a list of publishers PLUS if I pay them 20 bucks (which I did, well Mastercard did… ) they will happily send me a package including a super-secret list (gasp!) of publishers currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

All to which I say… Boom-Shaka-Loom!

Visit their website

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