Challenging Oprah

(incidently, I do realize that picking a fight with Lady O might not be the best way to start my quest, but never the less…)

I was watching Oprah the other day, interviewing Simon Cowell who was describing himself as being very lucky. Oprah was quick to jump all over him and ask the question, “So that means you believe in luck?” His answer, “Yes, I suppose I do.” But Oprah doesn’t believe in luck (which basically means it doesn’t exist, right?). No, she believes in “preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.”

To which, I ask the question… how often does the moment of opportunity become available to you? I mean, if you’re Oprah then you constantly live in the moment of opportunity. But I’m mostly referring to normal people, in which case I suppose it depends on what opportunity you’re waiting for. For example, the moment of opportunity to take the bus comes along pretty regularly, and in that case you would only have to prepare by having the correct change or one of those token thingies. BUT if the moment of opportunity that you’re waiting for happens to be winning the lottery, then I would have to argue with Oprah (dare I?) and say people prepare all the time by buying their tickets, but you have to be pretty lucky to have that moment of opportunity come along.

So where am I going with all of this?

Well, about 10 years ago I was tasked by my illustration teacher (Peter Miehm) to write a children’s story as part of our final project. The goal was to go through all the necessary steps to develop a book for submission to publishers. Write the story, storyboard it, sketch out some illustrations, create a book dummy, finalize a few illustrations to give the look and feel of the book, and write a pitch letter making it impossible for them to say no to you. I loved the whole process, and over the years I’ve taken it even further by finalizing all the illustrations. Naively, I thought that once I had a completely illustrated story it would be easier to get it published.


After sending out a printed copy of my book, in addition to a “Hello!” letter to around 30 different publishers, I’ve discovered something. Getting published is not easy. In fact, I believe it lives somewhere between finding that needle in the haystack and winning the lottery. And even if you’re lucky enough to find that super-secret location, I have a theory that it is less of a location and more of a portal that only opens for a nano-second a day.

However, being of slightly stubborn personality, I will not give up. I might have to get creative about it, but I will not give up. That’s what this blog is. I will be chronicling my journey along the way, mostly to motivate me to continue, but also in the hope that people might stumble across this blog and be inspired to offer suggestions.

So thank you in advance, nice people! Let the suggesting begin!


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