So I have this friend, Heather, who wrote the book Following Daisies who literally followed her heart across Canada, and continues to do so every day. And when I say follows her heart… I mean that pretty seriously. It’s like she has the gift of a sixth sense – trust – combined with insane (compliment!) courage. Plus she has magical socks… which also comes in handy.

After reading her book, my perspectives have definitely been changed.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your PLANS.

“Oh, but I was supposed to accomplish this by this, and I haven’t which means I’m going to have to delay this, and I haven’t even begun to think about this, which now makes that impossible and if that is impossible, then I’M A GOSH DARNED FAILURE!!!”

Look, it’s not like I’ve moved to Northern Ontario and suddenly don’t live in the real world. I get that some plans are good. I get that.

Like planning to have somewhere to live = GOOD PLAN!
Planning on what you’re going to eat = GOOD PLAN!

But sometimes planning too many things with inflexibility combined with heavy expectation will ultimately lead to unnecessary stress, frustration and disappointment = BOOOO! 😦

What’s happened to me recently is that I’ve discovered that just doing my part – my part being listening to my instincts, and setting some key things* in motion and then trusting that things will work out – the plans are kind of taking care of themselves. It’s really weird.

Like, I can seriously sit here and tell you that I have no idea what’s going to happen 3 weeks from now… it could go one of several ways, and the really great part is that none of them will be bad. Because – and I swear I’m not heavily medicated (all the time, haha!) – I trust the process of ‘letting go’

So thank you, Heather!

ps. This is a little list that I came up with that has helped me prepare for the ‘letting go’…

1. Be honest about who you are.
2. Be aware of what you need.
3. Be open to whatever comes next.
4. Be ready.

And to address the pink elephant that’s cartwheeling across the room: Yes, I haven’t been around here much lately. There have been very good reasons for it. None of them you fine folk : )

Maybe I’ll talk about it in a blog post, maybe I won’t. I’m just going with the creative flow lately, letting it take me to where I need to be. I’m totally turning into a hippie. And actually, that’s just fine with me

“Geeves! Fetch me my hemp pants, please! I am late for my appointment with the trees.”

*Key things being applications. Unfortunately reading Following Daisies didn’t make me magical – which, quite frankly I am a little disappointed in as I often wish I could magic away the dishes – so yes, the appropriate paperwork exchange for some opportunities does still have to take place.



Appreciating the Quiet

Hello friends,

Life has changed.

For the better.

It is immeasurably different… simpler.

Time is spent growing things, baking things, quiet & reflective.

I go to work.
I come home.
I eat.
I exercise.
I meditate.
I paint.
I bake.
I laugh.

These are the basics as I am adjusting to life in this new place. I am grateful for this time & appreciative of the quiet.

Life is sweet.

Oh ya, and I’ve been keeping something from you… I am engaged to be married to the most wonderful person I have ever met. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was my birthday. And although it didn’t have anything in the way of limousines or cavier or roses or fireworks – it was easily the best day… EVER.

I’m a simple girl. Very simple. I require very little in the way of pampering and am quite content with the very simplest of things that life has to offer. In fact, given the choice between opulent and rustic… I’d go with rustic every single time.

I like this about me. There are no apologies here.

And this day was exactly that.

My sweetie planned a wonderful day for me and I felt really special. So thank you to all who sent me a message. Thank you to all who patiently tolerated my excessive Instagramming. And thank you to the sweet man I share my life with for knowing exactly what I wanted and giving me exactly that.

Birthday Top 10

1. Secret card stash that had carefully been kept from me

2. Bachelor Finale in Bed with poonums & the Mr.


4. Chalkboard Wallin’

5. Branston Pickle for Birthday Lunch

6. Birthday Baking with Sweetie (as one of my presents he agreed to be my sous chef… NO DISHES!)


8. Maple Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

9. Birthday Dinner

10. Raspberry Chocolate Roll


Chocolate Roll
Maple Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

Note: We added 1 tbsp of chopped shallots & made our salad with extra old cheddar instead of blue cheese & omitted the nuts because the Mr. detests them. Sigh.